Thursday, April 14, 2011

OK, so...get your words together!

You've seen it haven't you?  Your instead of you're.  Also, there for their or they're.  This is basic.  The proper usage of these words is not rocket science.  It's something we all should have learned in grade school.  Please remember to use the correct word for the correct circumstance.  To and too also get mixed up as well as buy and by and bye.  If you can think of some others you have seen make a comment and let us know.

Monday, March 21, 2011

OK, so...are there dumb questions?

We have all heard this haven't we?  When we were children, some adult or older person than we, told us that there were no stupid questions.  Or they told us something like "The only dumb question is the one you don't ask."  Well, I beg to differ.  There are dumb questions.  Yes, I said it.  There are dumb questions.  Do I need to repeat it?  For example, I have a problem with reporters who interview the losing coach and ask "How do you feel right now?"  Well, how in the world do you think he feels?!?!  Like turning cartwheels?  What kind of a question is that?  A stupid one.  Or, there is news coverage at the scene of a tragic event and a first responder is being interviewed about the event and begins to get emotional (plain old cry), and the reporter says "I see this is very emotional for you."  You think?  Where do they learn this stuff?  Here's the third example I'll give.  A teacher is finished giving instructions and a student asks "So what page are we on?"  Are you kidding me?  Usually half of the class will tell the unaware child what is going on.  This is what I'm talking about.  The obvious.  We know better, I know we do.  Yet we still ask questions that have obvious answers or we are just not paying attention.  Come on ladies and gentlemen; be aware of the circumstances.  Think before you speak.  There are dumb questions.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OK, so...what is with the shirt sleeves?

Why do the shirt sleeves turn inside out in the dryer?  Or is it in the washer.  I don't exactly know, and I notice this phenomena when I take Wyeth's shirts out of the dryer.  Have you noticed this?  I'm talking about dress shirts.  I wash these things and there are always two or three shirts that have one or both of their sleeves turned inside out.  What is up with that?!  How does this happen?!  They don't go in the wash like that, so why do they come out of it like that?  Are there gremlins in the machines turning the sleeves around and wringing their "hands" together saying "I hope the humans like this!  muahahaha!" 
As I said, I don't have an answer this is just an observation.

Friday, March 11, 2011

OK, so...are you a bully?

I'm talking about political bullying. We are quite familiar with it in fact, as we experience it in every election cycle these days with political adds on television and paper adds and other broadcast media. We say we don't like all of the negative adds, yet all we do is complain about what we hear as well as complain about the politicians once they are elected. We often say we are too busy to get out and vote. I don't understand the complaining if we don't go vote. In my opinion, there is no room for complaining much about who you get if you don't vote. Now if you do vote then I think you have the right to say something about who is elected and about what is done by the people elected.
So, are you a bully? What do I mean by that? Well, do you allow bullying to take place in your family, at your work place, by your peers or boss? Do you allow bullying between siblings? If you are in a school setting, do you you allow kids to bully one another if you see it? Is bullying a part of your culture? There are some cultures that expect it. If we allow bullying when we see it, are we not a party to it? I don't know, but it's something to think about. If we allow political bullying, are we not saying to our youth that it is perfectly alright to bully? How can we say to our children that we don't want them to bully one another when they see adults do it all the time during election campaigns? Just a thought...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

OK, so...can you ROCK the high heels or not?

Listen, if you can't ROCK the three or four inchers, wear some flats. I see some young women and mature women as well, trying to walk in high heels and they just can't do it. When they walk they are leaning to one side or the other, or both. Or, they are moving very slowly. Ladies, give it up. Let's face it, you have to have the high-heel wearing gift. You just have to have it. I suppose the other option is to practice. That's what Beyonce said she did as a girl. You either have the gift or you practice. I can think of a few ladies who can ROCK high heels. Two of these women are are my beautiful aunts. My Aunt "Sis" (Melva), and my Aunt Erma both had the high-heel wearing gift. Aunt Sis is gone now, but back in the day she even wore three inch heeled winter boots in snow and ice. And, no she did not fall - ever! My Aunt Erma is in her early eighties now, and is still walking strong. She is not always in her highest heels, but she knows how to take care of business. The bottom line is this. If you really want to make a statement with the shoes you are wearing, then make sure you leave the store with a pair you can comfortably walk in regardless of the heel height.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

OK, you have your summer feet?

Have you thought about your summer feet? Yes, I said your summer feet. "What are summer feet?" You ask. Well, summer feet are those feet that are fairly soft and ready to look presentable when exposed for all to see. Your summer feet are those feet that have clipped nails and look as though they have seen soap and water and lotion. Yes, lotion or some other skin lubricant. You must get your feet ready for their potential exposure during warmer weather. You know, flip-flops and sandals weather. The shoes you wear without anklets or knee-highs or trouser socks. C'mon, you know what I mean. There is no excuse for people being seen in public with grey, hard and crusty looking heels and ragged toes. Absolutely no excuse! I can't tell you how many people I have seen with rusty, dusty feet who don't mind showing their feet in that condition. Really?!?! This is an outrage! Listen people, if you have rough feet, now is the time to get your feet ready for summer. Lotion is your friend. Better yet, if those heels are crusty you need more than lotion, you need petroleum jelly. One pedicure won't do it. Get some cotton socks, slather your feet with some thick and creamy lotion or cream and wrap those tired feet in some plastic wrap and put those socks on and call it a night - for several nights in a row. This has to happen until your feet are soft and supple and presentable to the public. I'm serious! Get your summer feet ready!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

OK, so...why do I love my brother so much?

My older brother is a wonderful man. He is kind and soft-spoken yet strong and shows his love for you by his deeds. He is a man of few words. In fact you may have to coax conversation from him at times, but he will talk to you as long as you want to talk and just listen, if that's what you need, as long as you need to be heard. OK, so... why did I think of all of this now? Well, his birthday was last week and when I called him to share my wishes with him, I was reminded of these things. I wish we lived closer to one another so I could give him a big hug.